USP & SEW United to Change How Utility Companies Do Customer and Workforce Experience Platforms

Cloud and computing platforms.

We’re doing the whole thing different


  • USP and SEW partnership a “game changer”

  • Knowledge leaders in the industry

  • Two heads are better than one

– USP and SEW partnership a “game changer”

– Knowledge leaders in the industry

– Two heads are better than one

Our partnership uniquely qualifies our firms to service the utility industry. USP is an Upgrades, Managed Support, Cloud Services, and Implementations master. At the same time, SEW has become a Digital CX and WX platform guru. SEW matches USP’s energy. We both strongly focus on providing our clients with high-quality and high-value expertise. By combining our efforts, we know we can deliver superior services worth writing home about.

SEW is a clear leader in the market and delivers superior technologies that will transform customer and workforce experience for our valued clients. SEW provides our clients real-time monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, resource optimization, energy management, customer engagement, and cost savings. SEW’s innovation and objective to develop industry-leading cloud platforms make them the perfect combination of art and science.

The combined enthusiasm about this partnership is palpable.

"At USP, we are laser-focused on providing high-quality and high-value expertise in everything we do for our clients. That is why I place so much importance on our new strategic relationship with SEW. They are the clear market leader, and we look forward to leveraging their superior technologies to help transform customer and workforce experience for our new and existing clients".

"We are excited to partner with USP as our strategic partner. The utility industry worldwide is undergoing a major transformation in customer experience and operations. This partnership will help us gain access to USP's proven expertise and implementation experience with leading global Utilities. It will support and accelerate delivery of SEW platforms to our customers."

Seeing is believing, and USP and its partner SEW invite you to witness the difference our companies can make for your utility company. It will be the best decision you make all quarter.


USP is a full-service technology firm built by seasoned utility experts, imparting knowledge for our customers to get the most out of their software investment that guarantees them to succeed. We don’t believe our role stops with just installing software. We want every one of our clients to feel confident in their investment with USP. As a system integrator that solely focuses on providing implementation, integration, and support services for leading solutions like the Oracle Energy & Water Product Suite, a market leader in multi-service customer and operational technology software applications, and Aptumo, the Next-Gen CIS Platform powered by Salesforce. Our goal is to give our clients the ability to leverage our expertise and eliminate knowledge gaps in their internal teams while ensuring they are up to date with the latest technology.

We Install Confidence. Not Just Software.

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