Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) is a municipally owned utility operated by the Philadelphia Facilities Management Corporation (PFMC). PGW provides natural gas service to approximately 502,000 active accounts within the city of Philadelphia, using 6,000 miles of gas mains and services.

Key Highlights of our Quality Assurance Services to PGW:

As Program QA Manager, USP will provide Customer Information System (CIS) Replacement Project Quality Assurance services, leadership, direction and best practice advice to PGW for their Oracle C2M Customer Information System program.

Throughout the 18-month implementation timeframe, USP’S Quality Assurance Program will focus on:

  • Outside review and opinion by a person qualified and experienced in project implementations.
  • Objective evaluation/grading of deliverable progress – good news and bad news both.
  • Notification of areas that are either not progressing, or likely will not progress, according to plan.
  • Corrective recommendations that are practical, actionable.
  • Updates Status/assessment/progress of any previously reported recommendations.