Headquartered in Wenatchee WA, Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County (Chelan PUD), provides electric generation to utilities that serve customers throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as retail power to 50,000 customers within the county. Other services include water, sewer and wholesale telecommunications services.

Key Highlights of our Services to Chelan Co. PUD:

Quality Assurance services for the District’s implementation of the Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (C2M) System  throughout the 18-month implementation timeframe, focused in the following areas:

  • Team Perspective
  • Project Foundation
  • Project Management
  • Business Transformation
  • Project Implementation


New in Q3 2020, USP completed an Information Technology Department Assessment and Best Practices project. In their strategic goal of being a leader in utility technology, Chelan PUD once again sought out the guidance and broad expertise from USP’s highly experienced team.

The assessment encompassed a series of automated surveys and one-on-one interviews. Additionally, USP reviewed and assessed all relevant documentation, templates, processes, and technology roadmaps. Areas of focus included Organization and Governance, New Business Solutions, Release and Change Management, and General IT Operations. The results included key observations and feedback in each focus area, along with targeted and actionable recommendations with associated action plans.