USP has performed system upgrades to the Oracle Utilities Product Suite many times and we have developed a safe and efficient methodology that is facilitated by diligent and professional project management. A cornerstone of this methodology is to de-couple any technical upgrade from new features and enhancements.


The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the current system. The evaluation assesses performance, integrations, customizations, extensions, service pack levels, databases and all other aspects of the system that are relevant. The result is a clear understanding of system functionality prior to the upgrade.

Technical Upgrade

A technical upgrade is then performed, without any changes to functionality. The upgrade is installed and the entire system is regression tested. This reduces risk and provides a smooth transition to the enhanced system.

Functional Upgrade

A functional upgrade can then be performed with confidence and new functionality is activated. New features are tested and configured, personnel are trained and a plan is created to take features live — all before the rollout. The result is a reliable launch of new features with a minimum of remediation work after features have gone live.

If you are interested in an upgrade to any of the applications within the Oracle Utilities Product Suite, contact USP for a proposal.