Nancy Evanowsky

Vice President, Business Operations & HR

Headshot of Nancy Evanowsky.

Meet Nancy: The Mastermind of Operations

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in business startup and expansion, Nancy has been a key player in solidifying USP’s operations over the past decade.

Her comprehensive knowledge encompasses critical areas like finances, contracts, human resources, immigration, and business compliance. She meticulously maintains smooth processes and ensures everyone at USP has the tools and resources needed to excel.

Nancy’s expertise goes beyond simply upholding standards. She’s a strategic thinker who actively identifies opportunities for improvement. Her proactive approach keeps USP compliant and efficient, paving the way for continued growth.

Think of Nancy as the cornerstone of USP’s operational excellence. Her dedication and experience contribute significantly to every successful project, ensuring the company runs smoothly and achieves its goals.


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