The Agile Project Management Guide for Utilities

The Rise of Agile Project Management for Utilities

Significant transformation is changing the industry, and utilities themselves, in profound and unpredictable ways. Utilities must react quicker than ever before, but adjusting the necessary project management processes is easier said than done and leaves many utilities wondering how to implement changes successfully.

Most project managers are used to the waterfall method for upgrades and implementing business transformation. In the past, the barriers to change have included:

  • Lofty goals, posing the risk of defeatism
  • Too long to show ROI, resulting in C-suite and customer impatience
  • A sprawling base of heavy assets, meaning system improvements can take months to years

As companies seek to establish a strategic foothold in a new energy landscape, agile project management plays a critical role. In today’s volatile and diverse setting, agile project management is your best path forward to nimble, strategic responses to industry challenges. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the benefits of agile, share insights into how you can best transition to agile project management, and walk you through what an agile project looks like.