Lauren Saxinger

Director of Marketing

Headshot of Lauren Saxinger.

Meet Lauren: The Marketing Maestro Behind the USP Brand

As Director of Marketing at Utility Solutions Partners, Lauren is the driving force behind USP’s dynamic brand and captivating communications. Her 15+ years of experience in marketing, branding, strategy, and proposal development have played a key role in shaping USP’s identity and driving growth.

Are you loving that sleek new USP rebrand? That’s Lauren’s creative vision in action!

Lauren’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership. Lauren’s journey began as a seasoned marketing and business development professional, honing her storytelling skills and strategic thinking. Backed by a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Marketing from the University of California, Riverside, she seamlessly blends creativity with data-driven insights to craft compelling marketing materials and winning proposals.

Before joining USP, Lauren leveraged her diverse skillset to develop marketing and strategic plans in the architectural design and commercial real estate industry. Her experience spans public relations, advertising, research, digital marketing, signage, and event management for a large-scale redevelopment project, showcasing her ability to seamlessly manage multi-faceted projects.

Think of Lauren as the brand champion at USP. She expertly juggles different channels, making sure the USP message is clear and consistent everywhere you see it, online or off.


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