Kevin McCaslin

Vice President, Delivery & PMO

Headshot of Kevin McCaslin.

Meet Kevin: Leading the Way with Expertise & Agility

Think expert delivery and smooth project flow – that’s Kevin in a nutshell! With over 30 years of IT experience under his belt, he’s the go-to guy for both USP’s own project methodology and guiding clients’ senior teams to success.

Natural leadership runs in his veins. He seamlessly manages USP’s project teams, ensuring every move is strategic and efficient. Certified as a SCRUM Master, he’s also brought the power of Agile methodology to USP’s approach, making projects even more flexible and responsive.

But Kevin’s not just about processes, he’s got the technical chops too. As a certified Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Service Sales specialist, he speaks the language of your technology needs fluently.

When it comes to the Oracle Utilities Product Suite, Kevin’s a walking encyclopedia. Over 15 successful projects in the past 15 years have equipped him with deep expertise in implementations, upgrades, integrations, and support.

Think project management, solution design, quality assurance – you name it, Kevin’s got it covered. He’s navigated projects for all sorts of utilities, from small towns to big cities, delivering solutions that cater to diverse needs.

Before joining USP, Kevin wasn’t just an employee, he was an entrepreneur. As the President and co-founder of Lionwerx, he gained valuable experience beyond utilities, venturing into healthcare, education, and even marketing. His journey started in the US Air Force, where his technical skills were honed as an Avionics Technician.

So, what makes Kevin special? He’s the perfect blend of leadership, technical expertise, and agility. He can guide your projects with a steady hand, ensuring they deliver value while adapting to your unique needs.


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