Grant Murray

Chief Solution Architect & Project Manager

Headshot of Grant Murray.

Meet Grant: Architecting the Future, Grounded in Experience.

Forget ivory towers, Grant builds bridges! This established tech architect isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. With over 30 years navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape, he’s tackled intricate software projects head-on, from high-pressure enterprise systems to cutting-edge integrations.

Think complex puzzles? Grant thrives on them. He dives deep into business processes, collaborating with experts to unlock their true potential. Then, he crafts innovative software solutions that not only solve problems but become industry benchmarks.

But Grant’s not just an idea man. He’s been in the trenches since the beginning, witnessing the evolution of the Oracle Utilities suite firsthand. He even played a pivotal role in implementing it at Pacific Gas & Electric, proving his ability to deliver results, not just theories. And let’s not forget his time at Oracle, where he shaped the future of the platform by designing features and integrations that are still used today.

So, what sets Grant apart? He’s the perfect blend of strategic vision and real-world experience. He can guide your tech journey with a steady hand, ensuring every step leads towards achieving your goals, not just building software.


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