Fran Couzens

Senior Solution Architect & Project Manager

Headshot of Fran Couzens.

Meet Fran: Your CIS Wiz.

Fran’s not your average techie. She’s been in the trenches of the utility industry for decades, tackling CIS (Customer Information Systems) and IT challenges head-on. Think billing, meter data, service orders – she knows it all inside and out.

But wait, there’s more! Fran’s not just book smart, she’s got real-world experience too. Over 17 CIS implementation projects under her belt? Check. Deep understanding of the meter-to-cash process? Absolutely.

Before joining USP, Fran worked with some of the biggest names in utility system integration and even helped develop the Oracle Utilities product suite at SPL WorldGroup – talk about being at the source!

And just like many of her USP colleagues, Fran has been on both sides of the fence. She’s held business and IT positions at a utility company, so she truly understands the challenges our customers face every day.

So, if you’re looking for a CIS expert who’s not only brainy but also down-to-earth and understands your needs, Fran’s your gal!


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